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A pre-listing home inspection is an elected service.  It is a professional assessment of the state of your home which, if you are planning to put your home on the market, will assist you in a smoother process, potentially raising your price and minimizing negotiations to a lower one. All the major systems including structural, plumbing, electrics and outdoors will be assessed so it can help you uncover any issues that may come up before any contracts or offers are dealt with. This inspection can help you sell your home quicker and with more ease as people trust that what they are buying is in a good state behind the scenes. It gives both yourself as the homeowner and the purchasing party peace of mind.

As your local experts in home inspection, we provide a thorough and extensive check on your property. Our assessment is a professional report that will make your home stand out amongst other listings. It will include thorough, non-invasive investigations on the state of the structure of your home, including the attic space, roof, walls, chimneys and other outdoor structures. Alongside this we will look into the plumbing work, electrical systems, HVAC and other heating and cooling systems. Your outdoor spaces will also be inspected in a certified safety check. We have worked with a whole range of people, often as part of their real estate process. An inspection by us is trusted in our community and can even raise the value of your house! Potential buyers will feel like your home is instantly more trustworthy as there are no nasty surprises lurking anywhere.

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