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Warranty inspection in Castle Hills TX

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Warranty expires one year after they are achieved. Our Warranty Inspections in Castle Hills TX provide you with a punch list for you to provide to your builders earlier than your one-year new home warranty reaches expiry date. Warranties cover materials and craftsmanship relating to different elements of the house, such as HVAC, plumbing, windows, and electrical frameworks.  You must get a warranty inspection between 10 and 11 months after your work has been completed. Our warranty inspections in Castle Hills deliver you a list of problems that you should show to your builder before your new home warranty reaches the expiry date. 

As your warranty inspector, if we pass the component mentioned in the home warranty and it doesn’t work, then we make sure that it’s compensated with our Warranty Program. So, if a claim is made, the warranty claim office will digitally review the inspection report. If the faulty item had cleared during the inspection, it’s covered for you.  If a repair request was suggested and mentioned in the report, you can still buy this warranty, but this object must have been serviced or fixed as required in satisfactory working order prior to ending and issuing of the warranty to be covered. All you require is to retain the invoice receipt representing that the item or object was fixed by a qualified administrative company. Contact us to get our services.

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