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Purchasing a brand new home? You need to acknowledge the following: Due to the purchase of more houses over the past years, the quality of craftsmanship for new construction has declined dramatically. There are many factors which are contributing to this trend just like; huge production builders active on tight production plans, overworked task managers expected to take care of many houses at different stages of production, sub-trade workers with little or no training and guidance, and inspectors with heavy loads of work. Moreover, most consumers incorrectly understand that if a new home clears municipal code examinations, then the home must be alright.

Our new home inspections in Leon Valley TX can ensure you that just because a house clears municipal examinations; it does not mean the home is built using excellent construction methods or top-notch materials. Such inspectors can ONLY inspect to make sure about the code compliance. They don’t have authority over quality control issues, appropriate installation techniques, and materials. The building codes are the bare lowest standards legally permitted by law. Anything less might be considered illegal. The inspectors at our New Home inspections in Leon Valley, TX  will inspect the size, location and depth of all footers to ensure compliance with the construction blueprints. The inspector will inspect the foundation to ensure compliance with the construction sketches as well as overall craftsmanship and quality control problems. 

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