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Getting a brand new home? You require to know the following: Due to the overproduction of houses during the last several years, the quality of craftsmen for new construction has declined in a dramatic way. Moreover, most customers incorrectly envision that if a new home clears municipal code examinations, then the home must be fine. Our new home inspections in Boerne can make sure that just because a home passes municipal examinations; it does not certify the home is built using the best construction techniques or high-quality materials. Municipal inspectors can examine to ensure code stability. Quality control problems and best installation techniques and materials are above the range of their control. The building codes are the lowest standards that are legally permitted by law. Anything less would not be legal. 

With that in mind, our new home inspection in Boerne offers multi phase inspections all over the entire construction procedure to help decrease the chances of hidden errors that can become costly fixes within a short interval of time after the construction of the home. At our new home inspections in Boerne, we have the technical expertise, code information and experience, license, and most significantly, the time in order to conduct thorough inspections of your home during the construction procedure. At our new home inspections in Boerne, we can custom design an examination program according to your expectations in order to ensure that your new building or home is properly built. 

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