Welcome to Corpa Property Inspections. Your Premier Home Inspection Company. We have worked for years in many different aspects of the inspection industry, and we have a better grasp of your home than other inspectors because of this.

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Corpa Property Inspections is a Certified Home Inspector in La Joya TX area dedicated to educating homeowners about their real estate investment. I offer home inspection services in Austin, Round Rock, and surrounding areas. I pride myself on providing high quality, valuable service that is priced fairly and appropriately. I give my customers the information they need to make well-educated decisions when it comes to buying or selling their home. So, if you are looking for a home inspector in Austin or surrounding areas give me a call today!

As a homeowner and father of two, I fully understand the investment that you are about to make. You don’t only want to know that you are making a good investment, but you want to know that this will be a safe place for you and your family for years to come.



With my knowledge, I will inspect your home with the same level of care and consideration as if my own family was moving in. A thorough inspection of your home will be performed and a report in an easy-to-understand format given to you. I vow to always have your safety and best interests at the heart of every inspection.

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