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At our home inspection in Hidalgo TX, we believe home inspections shouldn’t end at the driveway. All Corpa Property Inspections surpass or exceed state licensing requirements and industry standards. We’ve been able to build a strong reputation as we have always stood behind our work and delivered special advantages that help secure our clients. Choosing the right home inspector can be bothersome. Various inspectors have changing equipment, qualifications, experience, reporting techniques, and examining. One thing that’s evident is that a home inspection needs quite a lot of work. Eventually, a complete inspection depends greatly on the inspector’s effort and attention. If you honor us by letting us inspect your new house, we will make sure that we will put in the utmost effort. This we promise you.

At our home inspection in Hidalgo TX we have well-trained, certified, licensed, and appropriately insured Home Inspectors who provide the best services at Corpa Property Inspections. We oblige by standards of practices. At Corpa Property Inspections we provide residential property inspection services; including home inspections, condo inspections, 4-point inspections, and many more. Our inspectors work throughout Hidalgo TX and are highly trained and examined to meet the current needs of a Home Inspector for Hidalgo TX. 



Both full home and single-item inspections are available. Inspection times vary from 3 – 5+ hours, depending on the property. A complete inspection data report will be emailed around the time when the inspection is completed. Inside the report, there will be everything listed out which was found during the examination.

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