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Mold testing tells you when you have a problem with molding in your house. Mold tests will also help you identify hidden mold issues, calculate the consistency of the indoor air and assess the form of mold in your house. It is safer to have trained practitioners for mold testing. The most reliable results will also be the hiring of a best qualified mold tester skilled in obtaining mold samples.

Unless your house was constructed before 1978 when the federal government banned uses of lead-containing paint, there is a fair risk that your house would have lead colored paint. Lead paint is still present in millions of homes under the newer paint layers that contain lead-contaminated dust, one of the most lead poisoning sources.

Where the paint is in good condition, lead paint is typically not a concern. Lead-based paint needs immediate treatment such as (peeling, chipping, chalking, scratching, damage or humidity). To keep all paints in excellent shape, clean dust is frequently needed.

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